The Dragonarmies came with the heat of summer. Rolling across all lands, masses of humans, goblins, orcs, and the newly discovered draconians stormed the countries and took control of vast stretches of land. Evil creatures of all races flocked to their banner, delighting in the spoils of war. With massive numbers, unmatched savagery, and led by the powerful Dragon Highlords on their powerful mounts, the Dragonarmies were unstoppable.

It was early autumn before any resistance was mounted. The Knights of the Sun took the lead, rallying their battalions and battling back against the Dragonarmies. Slowly, the metallic dragons joined the fight, battling their chromatic brothers and raining blood on the battlefields.

Alas, the Knights of the Sun were outnumbered and met with great difficulty rallying the oppressed and dominated people of the world to fight back. Only the bravest and most steadfast answered the call to battle on the side of good, knowing the bleak situation and extreme risk. The result was the forces of good largely resorting to guerrilla tactics and only facing the Dragonarmies on the open battlefield with a clear tactical advantage.

The two sides battled into the winter. Rising from the ranks, a select group of elite soldiers (you guys!) was assembled to battle the Dragonarmies. Their mission: strike high priority targets to sway the war to the side of good while doing maximum damage to the Dragonarmies. From the various lands, they were deployed to Echo with intelligence from a Knights reconnaissance team. Meeting for the first time, they reviewed their targets.


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