Best. Tagline. Ever.

A very general, non-roleplaying overview. OOC, if you will. And you will.

The PCs will comprise a group of elite adventurers on the side of good. The setting is a world at war. The forces of good and evil are battling over control of the land. The forces of evil have recently “rediscovered” (or at least somehow found and convinced to cooperate) the most powerful of creatures – evil chromatic dragons. Only recently have the good metallic dragons entered the fight and, needless to say, the forces of good have a staggering challenge ahead.

Rather than battling it out like grunts on the front lines, the PCs will mainly operate as an elite strike team to hit high priority targets on the evil side for maximum damage. Hopefully, hitting those key pieces will sway the war.

General Stuff
  • All 4e races/classes are open. Assume everything exists in the world. It’s not a strict Dragonlance world, just loosely based on the setting of the Chronicles.
  • Everyone will start at level 8. The first three adventures will be “delve style” for progression – gain one level at the completion of each section. Progression after that is TBD but will probably be based on completing quests/objectives which likely will span a couple/few sessions.
  • I don’t think we’ll ever play with less than four people but beyond that the number can vary (as long as there is some decent notice; planning for a group of four or seven is different…). So, people can jump in/jump out if they want.
  • Let me know if there are any questions and I’ll make up answers.


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